Monday , August 20th 2018
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5 Best Corded Electric Snow Throwers

If you are tired of manually shoveling snow piles from your sidewalks and driveways, a snow thrower is a worthy alternative. It is a new shift that sees better efficiency and reduced strain. What if you want to avoid the hassle and expense of gas-powered snow throwers? Do not fret still—a high-performance corded electric model will do the trick. You just need to plug it in, press the trigger, and off clearing the snow you go. Yet, not all machines will deliver superb results, which is why we bring you the 5 best corded electric snow throwers today. Read on.



Snow Joe Ultra SJ621 


Its powerful 15-Amp motor generates enough power to move up to 800-pound snow in a minute.

Its robust steel auger has two rubber blades for cutting 21-inch wide path, 12 inches deep each single pass.

An integrated 3-watt LED light provides nighttime snow clearing convenience.

All-terrain easy-glide wheels make it simple to control the Snow Joe Ultra SJ621.

Easy-adjust 180-degree rotate discharge chute allow full control over your snow throwing direction.



Not powerful enough for unusually heavy snowfall.



The Snow Ultra SJ621is designed to respond to your need for a simple to use machine that tackles heavier snow piles on your mid-sized walkways, driveways. It is a larger electric snow thrower model that provides power like a gasoline machine, yet with the safety of an electric motor.



Toro 38361 


It is a 7.5-Amp electric snow thrower that effectively clears the walkways, sidewalks, decks and more.

It clears a big chunk of snow in a minute, providing both efficiency and speed for time-saving performance.

Cutting 12 inches wide and 6 inches deep, it cleans the snow down to the pavement easily.

It is a lightweight but very durable unit, featuring an easy-adjust metal telescoping handle for added convenience.



Not so good working on uneven surfaces.

No snow throwing direction adjustments.



Coming from a renowned snow tools maker in America, the Toro 38361 guarantees real action to get the movement inhibiting snow completely off your walkways, driveways. Thanks to its high-power electric motor, you won’t take long to accomplish the task—and it becomes a lot less demanding.



Snow Joe Ultra SJ620  


It perfectly delivers for quick snow pickups on medium walkways, driveways.

Running on a high-grade 13.5 Amp motor, it powerfully moves as much as 650lbs snow per minute.

Its 180-degree adjustable chute discharges snow up to 20-ft away, offering control over the stream direction.

Instant Start technology with a simple push-button operation guarantees performance anywhere.

Compact and easy-gliding wheels ensure easy maneuverability, coupled with the ergonomic handle grips.



It may not stand up well to heavy snow pile.



The Ultra SJ620 has the power to move 650-pound snow in one minute, handling even deep snowfalls on big driveways. Cutting snow 10 inches deep and 18 inches wide at once, its scraper blade clears the heap down to the pavement with little of your effort. It is also quite easy to use, what with it being electric powered.



Greenworks 2600202  


Its 13-Amp durable motor provides efficient results for a gasoline alternative.

A reliable dual LED lights ensure better visibility for great performance even at night.

The 180-degree easy-adjust directional chute allows for performance flexibility, throwing snow 25 ft. away.

Compact design with a convenient, foldable handle offers easy operation and storage.



The wheels may not perform well on uneven surfaces.



This high-performance snow thrower by Greenworks is the ideal corded electric option for clearing snow from small and also medium-sized pavements. Cutting snow 20 inches wide and 10 inches deep, it helps you accomplish the task in a short time and with little effort. Beside ease of use, you also have full control of where you throw the debris.



Power Smart DB5023  


Durable 13-Amp motor powers the rubber-tipped steel auger to cut a sizeable chunk of snow at once.

The adjustable 180-degree chute allows you control over which direction to throw the snow up to 30 feet away.

It features a foam-coated hand grip for comfortable wintertime use, while an oversize auxiliary handles ensures easy portability.

It is overall an easy to use machine, thanks to a simple push start button, convenient handle and good performance wheels.



Handle may feel unstable when handling heavy snow.



As the name suggests, the Power Smart DB5023 is your smart power to get clear the snow from your driveways, patios, and sidewalks without wearing yourself. With a powerful 13-amp electric motor, it can cut up to 18 inches wide and 8 inches deep snow at once with the durable auger, its chute throwing the snow 30 ft

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