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5 Best Gasoline Snow Throwers 

If your home location typically receives a 6-inch snowfall or thereabouts during the winter, a quality gasoline snow thrower could be the most time and cost savvy investment you need. Majority models feature an electric starter and utilize gasoline power to deal with heavy snowfall effectively, over large area and rough surface. Their electric counterparts could demand less maintenance, but gasoline snow throwers are tougher and offer greater power. For your great value purchase, we have the 5 best gasoline snow throwers. Read on and choose your favorite.



Briggs and Stratton 1696619 


Its robust engine produces enough power successfully deal with challenging snow throwing tasks.

Its 27-inch snow clearing path and 20-inch intake height ensures fast, effective snow clearing.

Integrated friction disk transmission system is suitable for breaking heavy snow heaps.

The easy push-button electric start offers effortless ignition even in extreme cold weather.

Its reversible steel skid shoes facilitate effortless plowing through the snow.

Dash-mounted rotatable chute with on-panel reflector and LED headlights provide extra convenience for more effective snow removal.



In some cases of extreme snowing its power may come up short.



If you are looking for a gas-powered snow thrower that has been tried and tested and appreciated by many over the years, look no further than the Briggs & Stratton 1696619. It is a medium-duty dual-stage model with proven extreme efficiency in snow clearing. From its operation ease to integrated performance innovation, you cannot get it wrong with this power tool.



Poulan Pro 961820015


Thanks to high-torque 136cc Poulan Engine, it is ready to deliver pro snow clearing.

Its durable auger powerfully propels the tool forward, gathering in snow and pumping it out via the chute.

It is one of the most suitable snow throwers for smaller area pavements, medium driveways, and the sidewalks.

It has easy to use and large convenient controls, especially when you have gloves on.

The unit is built to last, featuring a sturdy, element resistant yet still compact, manageable.



The wheels are a bit ineffective especially on uneven surfaces.



With the Poulan Pro, you have a single-stage gas snow thrower with the right power and features to overcome any small to medium snow clearing challenge. Its great Poulan Pro engine delivers impressive snow throwing distance, and it endures the winter elements.



Power Smart DB7103-26 


The 6.5 HP torque engine delivers great power for consistent snow-throwing action.

The engine is also engineered to perform optimally even in the coldest of weathers.

Choice between electric push-button start and manual starter, as well as LED headlight, adds to user convenience.

Its drive system integrates 6 forward and 2 reverse speed settings, enhancing maneuvering versatility and convenience.

A 26-inch wide and 21-inch deep snow clearing auger makes it the right pick for areas that experience heavy snowfall.



Assembling the unit is a bit challenging.



Power Smart DB7103-26 is a reliable heavy-duty workhorse whose electric start and also recoil start are simple to use. For more convenience, this snow thrower has interlocking handles, LED headlight, and self-propelled steering. For greater control, you have a 180-degree rotatable chute with a functional remote chute control. It throws snow up to an incredible 30 ft away.



Troy-Bilt Squall 31AS2T7G766 


It runs on a consistent 4-Stroke Electric-Start OHV engine for optimal performance and efficacy.

Delivers quick walkway snow clearing with up to 13-inch deep and 21-inch wide single pass snow-cutting scope.

It allows versatile maneuverability and control thanks to its reversible deluxe skid shoes and durable deluxe tires for greater traction through snow-covered surfaces.

Integrated E-Z Chute Technology offers manual pitch control, allowing you to adjust the snow discharge direction across 180 degrees.

It comes fully assembled.



The handle and chute get flimsy and need frequent tightening.



Snow should not inhibit your free movement around your home when Mr. Squall 31AS2T7G766 can mitigate things back to normal. Boasting the power consistency and apt features for snow clearing, this gasoline snow thrower pumps it all from your walkways, driveways and pavements, effortlessly and in next to no time.



Briggs and Stratton 1696563 


Powerful high-torque engine and dual-trigger transmission system makes it perfect for even heavy snow conditions.

Its simple push-button electric start offers seamless ignition even in cold weathers.

A whopping 19.5-inch intake height and 29-inch wide snow clearing path scope ensures efficient and fast results.

Heated hand grips, dash-mounted chute and on-panel deflector controls ensure added convenience.

Reversible polymer-made skid shoes plus functional tires support easy maneuverability for easier snow clearing.



Like other gasoline models, it is typically not eco-smart.



Easy, cold-resistant push-button start engine with enduring strength and impressive torque, matchless snow clearing path width plus deep intake height, steerable dual-trigger transmission—this gas-powered snow thrower gives you have all the power you need to fast and effectively clear even heavy snow pile from the sidewalks, driveways, and any other outdoor pavements.


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