Monday , August 20th 2018
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5 Best Snow Blowers

5 Best Snow Blowers

There’s no debate about the beauty of wintertime. The snow-capped houses and trees look amazing. However, it’s more or less embarrassing to wake up, perhaps late for school or work, only to find your car and the driveway all covered in a pile of white. Much effort and time is needed to shovel the snow off, except with a high-efficiency snow blower you can get everything cleared quickly, easily. When you need one, trust the following 5 best snow blower options:



Toro 38371  


Its powerful 2-Amp electric motor makes it ideal for blowing snow off walkways, small driveways, decks and more.

Integrated 180-degree control chute plus zip reflector throw the snow 25-ft away, where you need it.

It can move up to 500-pound snow in a minute, delivering efficiency in snow clearance.

Its Power Curve Technology clears pavements while not damaging it, and also prevents clogging.

It is among the most power-efficient snow blowers in its class.



The power cord is limited in its extent.

The blower struggles with heavy and wet snow.



Toro 38371 is an innovatively designed compact and lightweight snow blower you can rely on. Its inverted funnel housing and curved rotor provides greater power-to-width ration in snow removal relative to its competition. Qwik-Key power-start feature, intuitively convenient controls, and its light weight give you easy time maneuvering.





Its powerful and efficient YARDMAX 6.5 HP 196cc engine is easy to start.

Multiple speed settings provided by self-propelled drive—5 forward, 1 reverse—ensure performance flexibility and control.

Its serrated durable steel augers effectively slice through the hard-packed snow, ice.

The axe-shaped housing and well balanced design also add to its performance efficiency.

As well as a built-in cup holder, heated hand grips bring things to better control.



It is not the best choice for handling damp snow.



Perfect blend of performance and practicality is quintessentially YARDMAX, offering high delivery, consistent and convenient products designed to get the job done right, yet remaining affordable. This 2-Stage snow blower, for instance, remarkably tackles heavy snow, cutting through in excess of a foot or even more.



Snow Joe iON18SB  


A lightweight yet well-balanced design makes it ideal for clearing snow off decks, small driveways, and sidewalks.

Its rechargeable 40V 4.0 Ah EcoSharp Li-ion battery offers impressive 50-minute run time.

It operates consistently with a whisper-quiet performance.

No gas, carbon emissions, or pull cords or tangled extension cords, adding to user convenience and ease.

It moves up to 495-lbs snow in a minute, cutting snow 8 inches deep by 18 inches wide while pardoning your surface.

Its 180-degree auto-rotate chute throws snow even 20-ft away to your choice direction.



The chute can fail in performance excellence.



Your perfect companion when you want to clear snow from decks, driveways, sidewalks, the Snow Joe iON18SB is among the first single-stage snow blower models to deliver cordless operation. It is easy to use and carry; and ideal for even nighttime use thanks to the integrated LED headlight for improved visibility and better snow clearing.



Toro 38381 


Toro is America’s top electric snow thrower brand with trusted efficiency.

It is highly efficient, clearing as much as 700-pound snow in a minute for quick clearing.

Its 15-Amp motor provides sufficient power for clearing snow from small driveways, decks, patios and walkways.

Its Power-Curve Technology cleans snow down to the pavement while preventing clogging.

A 160-degree rotatable chute ensures great snow-blowing control and flexibility.

Easy assembly, ergonomic handles, zip reflector, and quick level in a lightweight design provide extra convenience.



The chute is small, thus you expect some clogging.



With this high-performance snow blower you are sure to move snow fast and effectively clean your decks, patios, and driveways thanks to its robust motor and innovative Power Curve technology. All the while, you enjoy the convenience and control of the rotatable chute and ergonomically designed comfortable handle grips.



Husqvarna ST224  


It is the ideal snow blower for clearing large paths and garage driveways.

It delivers efficiency in any surface type and all snow conditions thanks to its easy-adjusting skid shoes.

Its friction-disk transmission provides smooth and high-efficiency operation.

For added convenience, the blower has heated handle grips, electric starter and LED headlights, making it ideal for even nighttime use.

Its 2-stage system integrates enhanced ribbon augers with high snow cutting and throwing capacity, supplemented by a 180-degree remote chute rotation.



It is difficult to start in extremely low temperatures.



If you want to stay combat the unexpected heavy snowfall with the right snow blower for the task, it is the Husqvarna ST224. It is robust enough to effectively cut through 12-inch snow, yet not compromising your convenience. 180-degree chute rotation plus remote deflector, LED headlight, heated grip handles, and adjustable handle height render the job a fun breeze for you.